Monday, 15 December 2008

Moving day!

I have a suspicion somewhere along the line things might go a bit wrong, but what the hell I need to start somewhere!

My new Blog:

Back to reality but still standing

The much debated subject matter.

Well Rox has to be one of the coolest chicks I have met in a really long time! We innocently met for drinks after work; what began with a banged knee and a lost earring ended up being quite a night…
It was an awesome jam-packed weekend full of my favorite things!! Dancing, Champagne, good company, swimming on the top of the world and sunrise on the beach and that was just one night! On Saturday after a brief comatose state on my couch for 30 minutes, I went through to Hout Bay for yet more cocktails! Followed by yet another brief stint in Long Street! Sunday was spent exploring Hout Bay – which I had no idea was so funky! I met some incredibly unusual people, spent too much money at the market, drank a bottle of Moet - which to my absolute dismay was slightly corked!
My drive to work this morning was also pretty surreal, a combination of the breathtaking views on the coastal road and still feeling somewhat high from lack of sleep!

But crash, bang, now I am in an office, white walls and bad coffee! Sitting next to a tiny girl who chews unbelievably loudly for her size! Here I am again, wondering how the hell I can I can inform this wee scrap of a girl that chewing then swallowing can be just as efficient without the accompanying soundtrack!

16th December – Day of Reconciliation – No work – Outstanding!
My view this morning... life's a bitch

Friday, 12 December 2008

Friday Bliss

It is a stupendously beautiful day in the city! – I have been frightfully busy at work and the unproductive Friday plan – as usual didn’t quite pan out! I am looking forward to cocktails with Rox later - but before I go she has also tagged me to do a Random Things Meme, which I will happily oblige.

6 Random Things about me:

1) I drive really fast, I try to drive carefully but I am very impatient.
2) I can spend hours in water - bath, pool, the sea. I am at my happiest under water.
3) Not a day goes by when I am not saddened by what has happened to my great love affair. We are practically strangers passing in the night and when he is with me, he makes me feel as sexy as dry toast. The resentment is always there, lurking just below the surface…then there are the lies...
4) My biggest accomplishment this week was making Christmas biscuits with festive icing, I haven’t baked since I was a kid, unfortunately I still make the same mess.
5) I really love Christmas, one of my dreams is to have my own home, have fairy lights everywhere, become a domestic goddess and make an amazing meal for my family.
6) My greatest blessing this year was starting yoga – I love how it has changed my body, I love feeling stronger and more fit. I love that for an hour I think of nothing, I go into a trance type state. I love feeling detoxed and energized. I love my instructor and his sincerity. I love that there is no success when you bring an inflated ego into the room. I love that I have seen this happen!

I tag Tay, Sunrise, Prixie, Louisa and Brazen
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Tuesday, 09 December 2008

Topsy turvy wind

Wearing a short dress today was not a good idea! Now I have to walk three blocks and start praying...

Tuesday game Plan

Objective: To be productive and complete all those flagged items in my Inbox. To plan the rest of the week, clearing the way for a unproductive Friday. Then to hit Long street later for a coffee and to listen to some Jazz. So today I want to work and play!

I also want to come back here, to this rather miserable looking blog (I am thinking about wordpress but it scares me) and write about the Champagne Festival!

It is good not to have a hangover!

Monday, 08 December 2008

What man should I be dating?

You Should Be With an Earth Sign!

Your best match is a Taurus, Virgo, or Capricorn

Why? You like your guys to pamper, wine, and dine you

Not that you're a gold digger, you just like the finer things

An Earth Sign will go all out to woo you - and enjoy doing it

And you'll never find a more trustworthy or loyal match!

The after effects

Had an amazing awesome weekend - gave the man a bit of bitchy intoxicated hell last night - but other than that - It was wonderful, fun and I cant write any more because I am that hungover...
Well maybe I can sum it up with a some words:

*Midnight swimming
*Champagne Champagne Champagne
*Girl talk
*Moonbeam and Thumbelina
*Ice Cream
*Food - Lot's of delicious food: Salmon, Tuna, oysters, sorbet
*Lot's more swimming
*Feeling sexy and laughing my head off!

Friday, 05 December 2008

I am in love...

With Long Street.
Where have you been my whole life?

I feel as though I have just awoken from a tomb. I will never set foot in another mall again.
I have discovered shops still making tie-dye dresses – I can’t believe it! Antique shops with thousands of gems to be discovered. Incense wafting in the streets, ice cold beers sitting on tiny wonky tables.

I brought a cappuccino, a hop skip and jump away from my office; they play jazz inside, it’s also a Wi fi hot spot, it is also next to a music shop which is African and funky and has display’s of tin guitars in the windows. The music hits you as you walk pasted – reggae – it totally reminds me of the old 206 in Orange Grove Joburg!

Now that is next to a book shop with about 20 books on display I would happily buy, which is next a GOTH shop!!!!! Good gracious flippin hell…words fail me!

I indulged in a dangerously flimsy and short, white dress that cost an exorbitant amount, but it’s summery and perfect for the occasion I have been looking forward to the whole year:

The Festival of Bubbles! It will be my third time and I am tremendously excited! A day in Franschhoek, sun, music, champagne, strawberries and a little white dress – perfection!

It has been a crazy week and I am so looking forward to this weekend!

Thursday, 04 December 2008

Looking for a home in JHB?

Before moving to Cape Town, I bought myself a little home – a dolls house. I absolutely loved it at first glance. It was like a house built just for me! More garden than home, an arched entrance with creeping roses, a lemon tree in the back yard, railway sleeper steps with white pebbles. I planted a bay tree and a bouganvillae and countless herbs. I planted thousands of impatients, ferns ,rose bushes and happily watched them grow. I cannot describe the joy I would experience watering my garden, spending Sundays at nurseries and sitting on my patio with a glass of wine. I would lie in bed at night, staring at my beautiful lilac walls and just smile. I was delighted with every new household purchase. It broke my heart leaving my doll’s house and then having to rent it out to someone who would never and could ever, love it and cherish it as much as I had – but it needed to be done, ( and besides I was trading my lovely home for a wedding, husband and house in the winelands – HA!) My tenant gave her notice about a month ago and ever since that letter arrived I was seriously considering moving back to Joburg and taking up residence in my beautiful home once again! Well I have come to my senses, and with my ever increasing enjoyment of single life in this beautiful city, I am looking for another tenant to look after my humble home for yet another year!

Beautiful little townhouse in a well run security complex. Very close to shopping malls and the highway. Perfect for a single female or male. There is 24 hour security, (which you need in Joburg!) Open plan lounge and kitchen with two bedrooms and one full bathroom. It has laminated floors throughout with a lovely small garden in the front, a covered patio and peaceful private garden at the back. Covered parking for two cars.

Landlady Extraordinaire

Tuesday, 02 December 2008

Frantic thoughts

It’s a slippery state of affairs. Learning new programmes, understanding the different dynamics that exist within different groups. Wishing I could type faster, learn faster. Feeling the tug of the holiday season along with work ambitions. Days are going by at lightning speed; my bank balance is doing the same. It is hot and my shoes are killing me, I want to sit and stare and think but I also want to complete a thousand projects and walk away feeling successful, motivated and excited. There is a plethora of diagrams and tables and images running through my mind but I can’t seem to collate the tasks in order to create something that makes sense. I am certain this isn’t making sense, but there is no time to deconstruct. So much stuff, so many people around all of a sudden.

Monday, 01 December 2008

Bad Hair day

It is going to be a long day. I am looking forward to sushi at lunchtime but Mondays really do suck. Monday is a day of insignificance, a day you know you will probably achieve very little, make allowances and justify this fact – because let’s face it guilt on a Monday will really just cause unnecessary misery.
It was a lovely weekend. Being a somewhat shy and rather reserved person, having very sociable neighbors in Stellenbosch has been a very pleasant experience. I have also learnt what it means to truly Kuir – a marvelous Afrikaans word for socializing, getting together in a rather unorganized, casual, warm and seamless manner. Many discussions about pots and pans, where to buy the best produce, how to make curtains on the cheap and how much we hate noise on Saturday mornings. I also discovered a wonderful store –I was the only sorry ass female in the dark about this miracle place – Plastics for Africa. It is amazing – R8 for a plastic tub on a hook – I have no idea what I will use this wonderful perfectly pink plastic bucket for – but I just know it will come in handy!
The weekend was sadly ruined by a really bad haircut – my hairdresser is German and I think he misunderstood me when I carefully mentioned that I wanted to keep my hair long! I hate it – I look ridiculous with a head of a thousand curls. I am going to have to do maintenance in the mornings – irons and blow dryers and shit – I hate hair maintenance!

Okay Monday you can finish now.

Thursday, 27 November 2008


Thank Goodness it is Friday - my head has cleared and finally I am feeling more human!
I have started thinking about what it means to be away from home and away from those I love and cherish more than words can say, I am starting to wonder why I am here...but this could just be a sad bit of nostalgia!
My birthday celebration was fantastic! It was a surprise party, the one where you walk into a deadly silent house only to have your wits scared out of you once everyone leaps out and screams "surprise" In honour of my dark eccentricities the theme was Goth and I was happily welcomed with " House of Fun" by Madness and then a number of Rock classics. I drank copious amount of champagne in blood red flutes garnished with cherries and ate huge amounts of chocolate cake thoughtfully decorated with black icing and silver stars! It was all just too good to be true!
The gifts were personal, meaningful and mind blowing and ranged from handwritten letters of inspiring words, my most favourite perfumes, whiskey and wine (Which I couldn't bring myself to bring back to the Cape - having already traveled that distance already) and the most amazing scrapbook from my angel Mom - of my 30 years on this earth! There were tears...
Anyway I am thoroughly blessed, that is all I can say!

nostalgia  [no-stal-juh, -jee-uh, nuh-]
–noun 1. a wistful desire to return in thought or in fact to a former time in one's life, to one's home or homeland, or to one's family and friends; a sentimental yearning for the happiness of a former place or time: a nostalgia for his college days.
2. something that elicits or displays nostalgia.

My lovely dog.

The B day balloons!

The loveliest place in Jozi!

Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I am just a stunning picture of health

Well the flu beat me to the ground this time. My head is heavy and the occasional eruption of coughing and spluttering as caused many a work colleague to keep a safe distance. It feels as though my Joburg trip was a life time ago, it is a frantic time of year. Christmas just round the corner, and a thousand things to organise. I can’t believe my beloved November is almost over! I haven’t had time yet to take up all the “It’s your birthday month” special offers. (The Body Shop had the best loyalty program I have ever fallen for!)
There is so much to catch up on; this sickness has stolen some precious days from me – especially since I am starting to have so much fun in my life and so much fun in this city!

I just have time for two things:.

Damn the traffic department to hell!