Wednesday, 12 November 2008

What I have learned in my twenties.

*Life really can be full of surprises, from the physical beauty around us to the surprising kindheartedness of people.
*We can always hurt someone, often more than we realise.
*Not everyone is like me, what I deem correct and true is not necessary the same for others.
*People often mistake my passion for being stressful and intense.
*It is always easier being honest, once I have been lied to by someone, regardless how small and seemingly harmless their lie has been – my feelings towards them change forever.
*Fear is common in every human being and is often mistaken for selfishness or arrogance.
*Reading results in a massive subconscious accumulation of knowledge never fully realised but continuously appreciated in the strangest moments. Reading also allows for a much needed rest from reality and refreshes the imagination with possibility.
*Appearance is important. As much as I wish it weren’t true, how you present yourself is how you are judged, people are fast and lazy thinkers. The trick is to reflect your personality into your presentation and not appear superficial.
*There are people who say many things and do nothing. I quickly lose faith in those people.
*It is far more important to listen than to talk, as long as the other person has the same respect – because sometimes I need to be heard.
*I love being on my own, but it is far from the happiness I experience being surrounded by people who sincerely love me. There is also no greater loneliness than spending time with someone who regards your company as insignificant.
*You learn to love someone when you forgive all their faults.
*There is nothing unusual about wanting a fairytale. There are those who have found theirs on this mortal earth and I want mine.
*Hangovers will always ruin your day – unless you are happily in love and get to spend the day in bed with your lover who also likes bad TV.
*Turning thirty is not going to be the end of my world!

There are many more...maybe tomorrow


Being Brazen said...

great list - I agree with so many of those things :)

Sunrise said...

Couldnt agree more spot on, especially with lying - it sux and if yu do it, it ALWAYS comes back to bite you on the ass.

Welcome to the 30 club, is it today? If so, Happy Happy DT!!!

Rox said...

Awesome list, really spot on. :-)

DT said...

Thanks Brazen - Thankfully there are many more and I hope more to come!

Sunrise - I think it becomes a habit with most people and they dont even feel any guilt!
The D Day is Friday!

Thanks Rox, I guess as long as you learn something along the way it makes getting older slightly less painful!

po said...

I think you are wise and have learned more from your twenties than me. Loved it!

redframe said...

I was waiting to find out which wise philosopher you were quoting, and then it was all you?
You're inspirational, dear DT.

"There is nothing unusual about wanting a fairytale. There are those who have found theirs on this mortal earth and I want mine."

I will be sending you happiest wishes all the way up to JHB on Friday!

Tay said...

Awesome post DT! Agree with so many of those points :-)

302 said...

Happy birthday - things you'll learn in your 30s starts now, hopefully with a little fun

DT said...

Thank you Po - I have my moments of common sense but far from being wise!

Wow Redframe - that is an awesome compliment - but you really are the inspiration for that one!

Thank you Tay - I am glad you feel the same!

302 - Come what may, fun will be had!

hester said...

This is a very thoughtful list and I found myself saying over and over to myself, "How true! Oh that's my life!" I had to bookmark this post.