Friday, 07 November 2008

Tick tock...

Damn felt useless today. Had an interesting time in the city last night – My first adventure on Long Street – Thanks to Rox! It was great to meet so many interesting people.
It was quite a weird feeling taking out my blog persona into the real world!

I have had a pretty impressive week and now I fear a pretty boring weekend!
Some of my weekend highlights will probably be
Eastenders omibus
A couple bottles wine
Hopefully, should the sun shine and the pool remain vacant, a bit of tanning
Attempt #2: shopping for some colour

Lot’s of sleep and lots of planning – next week this time I shall be thirty in a different city


redframe said...

I love thinking of you living it up just outside my window last night... DT is a real girl now! I also wondered in yoga the other day whether you could be one of the faces in the class. Quite fun this knowing yet not knowing at all! Hope your weekend brings good surprises. Like empty poolsides in the sun and perfectly colourful bargains.

DT said...

Redframe!You say the nicest things!!! :-)
I hope you too have an awesome weekend!

Rox said...

Sounds like a good weekend - hope it's super relaxing and revitalizing! :-)

Sunrise said...

I hope it was super chilled, the w/end and the wine! get out there, meet new people, have ablast, you deserve it!