Wednesday, 26 November 2008

I am just a stunning picture of health

Well the flu beat me to the ground this time. My head is heavy and the occasional eruption of coughing and spluttering as caused many a work colleague to keep a safe distance. It feels as though my Joburg trip was a life time ago, it is a frantic time of year. Christmas just round the corner, and a thousand things to organise. I can’t believe my beloved November is almost over! I haven’t had time yet to take up all the “It’s your birthday month” special offers. (The Body Shop had the best loyalty program I have ever fallen for!)
There is so much to catch up on; this sickness has stolen some precious days from me – especially since I am starting to have so much fun in my life and so much fun in this city!

I just have time for two things:.

Damn the traffic department to hell!



Rox said...

Shaaame! In this weather it's really the pits to feel shitty, so really hope the flu loosens its grip soon!

My mom just found out she has tick bite fever, she got bitten soon after we went up to visit my sister. It's very wild up that side and they live right by the mountain so lots of ticks around. She's on meds, and will be ok but it's still pretty rough.

DT said...

Oh No - I hope this won’t interfere with her talk show programme and all! I am guessing your Mom is a person that needs to be outside, being sick must really suck for her!

Louisa said...

Hope you feel better soon DT!

Rox said...

Ye, she's not too thrilled. The doctor gave her some meds though and if she rests today and tomorrow she should start feeling ok by Friday he says.

Hope you feel 100% soon!!

302 said...

exaggeration is not very becoming. just get on with the little things and let the fun in the city take care of itself.

actually that reminds me of that billie holiday song getting some fun out of life that they used in the old ballentine's advert.

well get some fun out of life and leave the traffic department out of it because i need to visit them to renew my driver's license.

candy said...

hope you feel better soon... and ditto iro the traffic dept... and yes! about the living part

DT said...

Hi Louisa - thank you I hope so too!

That is good news Rox-i am sure she will be hundreds by tomorrow!

DT said...

302 - Good luck my friend because that is the exact same reason I have cursed them to hell! Just remember they only take cash and cheques - this ensures an easy flow of corruption!!
Thanks Candy - I am slowly getting there!

Being Brazen said...

Hope you feel better super soon :)

The Blonde Blogshell said...

Feel better...there is nothing WORSE than being sick in this weather -crappy!
GINGER, LEMON AND HONEY TEA...fresh ingredients and you'll feel MUCH better!!

Anonymous said...

Get well soon - sucks being sick 6his time of the year!

DT said...

Thanks Brazen - much better today!

Blond Blogshell - Lemon and ginger has indeed saved my life!

Mommanats - I know - when everyone is outside enjoying the sun - you just want to lie in the dark and cry! Thankfully I am much better now and will be able to enjoy the weekend!