Wednesday, 12 November 2008

The Crystal ball effect

ExMi is giving away a tarot card reading. I have always had a fascination with tarot cards. I was given my first pack of cards by this crazy friend of mine from high school who fell pregnant at 16 and was sent to a single mother’s home in Pretoria. The girl was as wild as they come and would talk me into doing all sorts of questionable things – which is another story entirely. Anyway she decided the best way to make her life more enjoyable in the confines of a home, was blatant stealing.
Six months pregnant, and she was walking out of shopping malls armed to the hilt with stolen goods and hitching a ride home. Sadly she died of an overdose nine years ago – but the cards were a gift from her and I can only believe that she stole them with the kindest of intentions, given her reality at that time! I can’t help but think of her when I think about the tarot, and the day she made me cut my finger so we could become blood sisters.

My first reading had a profound effect on me especially this card which seemed to be the dominant one at the time:
I hope that my hermit stage is coming to an end!

I contemplated getting another reading a while ago, but decided to go see a career psychologist instead – it was a huge massive waste of time and money. The old retired man asked me what I think I am good at and what would I like to do, I was like duh – not work! His advice was to get into something creative – he really dazzled me with his insight!

I like the idea of the cards as a guide; I am attracted to the idea that a picture can tell a thousand words. I don’t believe for one minute that there is anything sinister and evil in this fascination, that is the type of mentality as people thinking devil worshipers lurk around every corner! Ancient mystic arts can’t all be idealist foolishness – can they? It is probably the old goth in me…


Rox said...

My sister had a set of Tarot cards, also an i-Ching set.

She used to do readings for me often, was always really interesting and often quite apt.

Reading about your friend reminded me so strongly of a best friend I had when I was about that age... she was also wild, not quite as wild as your friend though!

She came from a very strict, very emotionally abusive home, and was always running away. At that age we were experimenting with all sorts of things, lol - including psychedelics, so it used to get pretty intense when she ran away. The cops once got involved, they were following us and trying to track us down as we missioned from Dangers Beach through to Bergvliet, dodging grown-ups and eluding the police. It was pretty hectic, would have made a damn good movie!

We were also blood-sisters... lost touch with her though over the years.

Anyway, thanks for that trip down memory lane, :-)

Being Brazen said...

I love the way you say "probably the old Goth in me.."

Im not really a tarot card fan myself - but to each his own. I dont really understand them.

Tay said...

I find Tarot cards fascinating although I don't know too much about them. Have only ever had my cards read once, about 3 years ago by a lady who claims to be able to communicate with "The other side". Still not sure what I believe regarding that.

DT said...

Gosh Rox - we definitely had a similar type of friendship, the drama, the illicit substances - she too came from this incredibly oppressive background - when will parents learn? Maybe one day your paths will cross again and you can have a good laugh about old times!

Brazen - it is a bit tricky to understand how and why, but it really is interesting!

Tay - I think you need to be careful who you go to - there are plenty of liars out there!