Thursday, 06 November 2008

Clearing away the dust

So far, so good. I am really enjoying this new environment. I do seem a bit tall for my desk which is quite an odd phenomenon, but I am loving the systems and I am loving the clinical professionalism that leaves me in peace.
What a crazy week it has been! It has been impossible to sit and take stock and with the Joburg trip just around the corner, to do lists are being created in my dreams.

In this spirit of all being new and shiny I spent two hours clothes shopping yesterday with the steadfast determination of buying clothes with colour. It didn’t work! With the purchase of three additional little black numbers, Skip Black is now officially my most used laundry detergent

I am so happy Americans have finally come right – I was really doubtful it was going to happen, especially with their tendency to remain ignorantly happy. Out with the old and in with the new - all around -from my little microenvironment into the world beyond!


Tay said...

Yay for shopping!Even if you did buy dark colours again *wink

Rox said...

Awesome hun, nothing like that sweet smell of the winds of change! :-)

DT said...

Tay - yay indeed! For all but the bank balance!

DT said...

Rox - I hope it stays sweet - anything to keep the hounds of the past at bay!