Monday, 06 October 2008

The weekend that hurried by

I have never slept so much in my life. When I get depressed I just sleep. I start by closing my eyes and allowing myself to imagine the impossible. At first I start with my current predicament and then imagine how it could turn around, possibly by the simple purchase of red roses and an apology – I mean really: I am that easy!
Then when I start to realise that I am actually feeling sad staying within this realm of reality I start to imagine bigger and more extravagant scenarios. Ridiculous things like winning a fully booked and staffed hotel in Italy and dinner with Prince William in Paris, followed by a couple of drinks with Slash in New York! Like publishing an award winning sexy masterpiece of literary genius, where I deconstruct the inner workings of a normal twenty year old female (Normal ; and what exactly is normal? Deconstruction at it’s finest!) I know – pure insanity – but it makes me smile!

The best dreams are those of falling in love. Being in love and feeling completely loved. Sometimes I could curse this silly, soppy, girly and pathetic side of myself, but it is what I want. So yes I spent many hours in and out of dreamland, and often I wished I didn't have to wake up!

'Dreaming permits each and everyone of us to be quietly and safely insane every night of our lives.'
William Dement

Yesterday the distractions were endless. My complex was alive with pool side braai’s, tanning and cocktails. As hard as I tried, I could not focus on Industrial Marketing, (Which now takes it’s place right next to accounting as the most boring subjects I have ever had to endure!)
A glass of wine in the sun or shivering in the sun-less / love-less hole I sadly call home – mmnnn tough one!
So Sunday afternoon was just lovely, because I decided life is just too short and afternoons of sunshine have been too damn rare to waste. I also had a very interesting conversation with an extremely sexy man in tight black shorts!

Today I get the distinctive feeling that the only people working in the city are the cafe / restaurant owners, it is buzzing everywhere! It is such a gorgeous warm day!


Being Brazen said...

Wish i could escape from the office during the day and lounge in the sunshine...

Gosh i am digging that therir is finally some sunshine in Cape Town.


DT said...

Brazen - I know! It is amazing to finally have a day where no jacket is required!! I am afraid it may not last...

po said...

Hmm, when I am depressed I hide in bed and hope it will all go away!

I am also supposed to be studying. But I really have no excuse for my laziness except winter has struck in the UK and that makes me hide in bed even more!