Friday, 03 October 2008

Shot to hell

Sheez I am shot.
This week has sapped every bit of energy right out of me.
The resignation, the emotional abuse, the late nights, the new indulgence of Whisky sours, the long drives home, all the highs and lows and to make matters worse no yoga! This weekend I have a very week resolve to immerse myself in books and stationary.
Right now I just want to sleep and dream. Dream about another world, another life another love!

Thank the heavens and the moon and the stars it is Friday!


Being Brazen said...

Hope you have a fabulous, dreamy, relaxing weekend

Sunrise said...

Hey Hey, dont you worry, I felt exactly the same on Saturday, dog tired. what was cool though is that I spoke about it to an impartial friend. It helped, so did a cool surf!

I agree with BB, I hope that the w/end was super relaxing.

DT said...

Thanks Brazen - Dreamy is was!

Sunrise - I may just start surfing...