Monday, 06 October 2008

Resolutions for the week

*Stop feeling so bloody sorry for yourself
*Study like a maniac tonight and pass the exam
*Don’t be disappointed if tomorrow is winter again
*Go to Yoga at least three times this week
*Go to bed early and wake up early; starting tonight
*Stop scowling at people who walk slowly

*Check your spelling


302 said...

yes learn what you must learn.

debit to the window - credit to the door - a=o+l (if you are not in the credit crunch).

and above the line - and - below the line - that's marketing not sexual politics.

yes learn what you must learn and stop feeling sorry for yourself, that's surely for other people to do.

and write those exams and get it done.

DT said...

You are so damn right 302!!!
Determination and a steely resolve is all that is required!!!

Louisa said...

Good luck with the exam...
You can do it! :-)

redframe said...

good luck, you can doooo it.

Rox said...

You can do it indeed!

Here's another one to add to your list (will add it to mine too):

* Keep walking

Sound advice from Mr. Johnny Walker, and similar from Dory the fish in Finding Nemo (except of course, her advice was 'just keep swimming' which is now stuck in my head, lol)

Sunrise said...

Taking one step at a time gets you to where you want to go, doing something small each day gets you closer to your goal.

Be positive and surround yourself with positive happy people. Laugh...listen to the sunscreen song by Baz, thats always a good one. Swim in the sea, that is my secret, it just makes me smile.

DT said...

Thank you Louisa - Good Luck to you too!

Thanks Reframe - hopefully I did! Only time will tell!

Rox - I know: There Keep Walking Campaign is timeless!
Sunrise - I wish I could swim in the sea, that has to be the hardest pill to swallow in CT!