Wednesday, 22 October 2008

I can see the finish line

I just saw the funniest clip on I Mod’s web-site: Click here. There is nothing like a bit of slap stick comedy on the evening news!!!
I am visiting some people in Bantry Bay tonight and really looking forward to the excursion. I would actually do anything these days to break routine.
Had another early night last night, so today I am feeling pretty damn fantastic! The worst thing about going to bed early is I normally wake up at four in morning, exploding with a thousand ideas about my life. The ideas are so brilliant that I end up trying to write everything down, before I go back to bed. Yesterday morning I practically finished an entire power point presentation before 5am.

The termination documents are a constant pain in the ass. If I have to sign one more document or copy my hideous ID photo one more time I will scream!

This is one event I cannot wait for: The Whiskey Live Festival. 5th to 7th November. I have only been once before and loved it!
It is a fantastic opportunity to taste the best of the best, a wee dram of something completely unaffordable!

Come on Sunshine - nearly there!


po said...

I also often have the best ideas ever at crazy times in the morning, and I often feel too lazy to write them down, and think I will remember them the next day...big mistake!

Sunrise said...

Sleep is a best friend, hell I dig it, especially when you wake up and realize that you can just go back to sleep, and 4 hours later you wake up. I have not been doing this of late.

Stoked that you feeling good, get back on that horse and be yourself. Holding thumbs...

DT said...

Po - keep a notebook next to your bed - It is like thoughts and reasoning coming easily with no emotion or fear-just logic!

Thanks Mr Sunrise ;-)

Ches said...

Ah yes, there is nothing quite like a wee tipple...

...and I noticed you spelt whiskey with an 'e'. They way it should be spelt, in Irish! ;)

Enjoy the Bay.

DT said...

Ches - clever man! I used to be a huge fan of Irish whiskey and never quite lost the habit!
But these days it is Scotch Whisky all the way!
(The Irish invented the toilet seat, the Scots placed the hole in the middle! ;-))

302 said...

i'll see you there we (us from big bad oil and gas) will probably go on the thursday. that week i'm in windhoek monday thru' wednesday.

always go - the last few years made the virgin a-list but i'm not sure that they are doing anything still it's generally good.

Chris M said...

It was a good laugh indeed!

DT said...

302 I am not sure when I am going. Ideally I would like to go on a Friday and then nurse a possible hangover on Saturday, but I wouldn't like to go when it is to busy!
So I might see you there!

Chris - The emails are flying today re that clip!