Thursday, 09 October 2008

A Face that tries and fails to hide the stuff inside

Exam one is over – it was rather disastrous, but it is over. Exam Two is on Monday. Accounting a.k.a the wrath of hell in a book! But at least I have brushed the dust off my desk and now I am looking forward to getting into the zone this weekend and more importantly a trip to Walton’s to purchase a fresh stash of stationary. I actually really do love studying, for the life of me I can’t think why. I even love sitting in the exam room. Maybe it just makes me feel young…

The workplace has turned even nastier. There was one girl who I thought sweet, maybe even had potential for some great things – she disappointed me horribly. I am a loyal person, very possibly loyal to a fault and when people disappoint me and let me down, I am always shocked by my reaction. As hard as I try to cultivate a Fuck You attitude on my face, my adrenaline pumping heart always gives me away and shakes me to the core. Up until recently the accelerated heart beat accompanied a maddening rise of heat to my face; somehow I think I have managed to control this little outburst of horrors. But the heart, she just wont tow the line. Anyway it is a little reminder how things do work out in the end. I am leaving; I really don’t need to care.

It will be good if the sun shines this weekend. My legs are practically transparent.

Here’s to the almost end of a long, arduous week.


Rox said...

Ugh, I hate people like that. I also find it hard to be 'fuck off and die' when faced with nastiness, I think overall it shows that you are not like them so don't feel bad about being better!

Good luck with the studying, and hope you get some lovely new stationary (I love stationery!!) and lose yourself in it for a bit. :-)

DT said...

Thanks Rox! I just wish I could at least pretend sometimes!
LOL - what is it about stationary??
Glad to see I am not alone:->

302 said...

for somebody who can scowl and walk which is already one up on walking and whistling - what do you mean you can't get that fuck you expression. we gonna have to work on that - fear factor and intimidation are absolute open plan essentials - we are gonna have to work on that.

anyway the next time you she gives you crap, an aimless but direct glance, a curt but professional tone and an amibigious yes how can I help or a thank-you. let her wonder as you hold that pose.

accounting on a monday lets hope things balance.

and there is sun this weekend i've been told by my connections in the heavens.

DT said...

Ah 302 That is good news and straight from the heavens! It's good to know a man with such connections ;-)

You are right I really do need to work on my methods of intimidation - The scowl comes easy - it is natural, I think I just get taken off guard when I am shocked by the the pettiness of others, I don't seem to learn!

Sunrise said...

DT, I remember the days of Accounts, i am by no means studious, but I buckled down and learnt those debits & credits down to china town. Good luck!

I work in a nest of venoumouse snakes, and I kill em with kindness, there attitude slides off my back (it still irritates the bejayZuz out of me), but I do it with a calm exterior, I wont let these bitches ruin my day!

Like a lizzard let the weekends sun revitalize you!

redframe said...

hey, it's supposed to be a gorgeous day tomorrow, see you in the sun! x