Monday, 20 October 2008

Disappointing restaurant or disappointing company?

My endless optimism never fails to amaze me! Dinner on Saturday night at one of Cape Town’s finest Winelands restaurants – Tokara. All week I thought about my hair, my shoes, which dress to wear. I used my last remaining drop of expensive perfume, straightened my hair and really looked forward to an evening of wining and dining.

There has been many incredible things this man has brought into my life. He introduced me to the world of gardening; I had no idea the type of therapy there is in sinking your hands into the earth, planting seeds then watching them grow.
He inspired a confidence in me, that I could do anything I set my mind on doing. He was very encouraging and supportive. He also introduced me to an exciting, fulfilling and uninhibited sexual relationship, a world I had not known before. Then our reason for meeting in the first place: the world of food and wine. We have had the most amazing dinners in the most beautiful and respected venues. From fine dinning, to bistro – we have had evenings of great splendour. All these things deepened my love and appreciation for him and what we had together.
Back to the present state of affairs: Unfortunately, he does very little for me in the confidence department, I think the last compliment I received was “You look sunny” and the bedroom is about as eventful as mould on walls.
The hole in the wall we live in, does’t offer much opportunity to garden and finally Saturday night I acknowledged the death of our last shared passion. He had as much charisma as the bread roll on the table. I, as usual, overcompensated for the lack of conversation by turning into Susie chatterbox. All illusions of romance I still had went out the window, when presented with the bill, he split it! What I haven’t yet mentioned is that this was a dinner for our seven year anniversary. I was delighted he remembered I was thrilled he was taking me to a restaurant where I had wanted to go for ages; finally the guy was showing me he still cares. What the fuck – I paid half the bill! Seven years, seven is a bad number, it gives me the creeps.

Anyway Tokara’s food didn’t disappoint. The starters were very uninspiring and rather bland. But the main courses were lovely and the setting is just spectacular! Our table was awful. I just don’t know why you would seat two people at the top of your restaurant, facing the entrance and with their backs against the entire restaurant. They lost our booking, so we got the ass end table. Of course the man didn’t want to make a fuss, so I just had to sit through the irritation, clenching my jaw every now and then. I also don’t dare complain too much, because then he gives me this exasperated look, and I know all will not end well!

Well I need to keep my spirits up this week – its going to be a long one. I have much to do and organise and I am really starting to look forward to my JHB trip in a couple of week’s time.
I want to do a bit of a detox this week, get on the straight and narrow and devote my last remaining days of being twenty something to feeling good and healthy and excited for what the future may hold.


po said...

7 year anniversary? That is a long time. I have ben with my bf for 8 years.

Sometimes it does seem difficult to recapture the things that made you fall in love. I hope things improve for you!

DT said...

Thanks Po. 8 years is also a long time! I think we could have recaptured some romance, it just takes a bit of effort from both parties! Oh well, it is what it is!

Rox said...

Shame hun, I really hope that things shift soon. No matter how long you've been with someone, anniversaries should still be special!

Just focus on everything you have achieved this year - and everything that's ahead in the future.

DT said...

Rox that is what I am planning to do! Time to grow up ;-)

Being Brazen said...

Wow - sounds like you guys have definitely lost your spark a bit. I ahve to say that it can take alot of effort to keep the spark alive...

Sometimes its soooo worth the effort - other times not at all. Some relationships reach their end and others just need to be re-ignited.

7 years is a long time to be together and alot of people experience a "7 year itch" (even when they not married)

Its really a bit crap that he didnt pay for dinner - men, sometimes i dont get them - at all!

sorry to hear Tokara wasnt fabulous. I went there once for a wedding and it was stunning...but then again it was a wedding.


DT said...

Thanks Brazen. I think it could have been fabulous, had the circumstances been different. The best thing about Tokara is the view, so i think you need to get there while the sun still shines! We only got there at 8pm! I will definitely go back, the food and service was really lovely. 7 Year itch indeed! You are spot on!

expensivemistakes said...


when are you coming to JHB? and why?

and for how long?

DT said...

Expensive Mistakes-For my 30th Birthday!! The type of party I want can only happen in Joburg!!!

13 November, sadly only for three days!

redframe said...

3 day party in JHB sounds very intriguing! Sorry for your crappiversary... I can tell you horror stories of valentines and other special occasion dinners with ex. Ugh, I wanna puke at the thought. Anyhoo, I believe that one day you will know what to do and just do it and you will be great. I've never been to Tokara! Must go, get there early, get good table and avoid starters! xxx

DT said...

Hi Redframe - it really is a must! If you get there early you can also have a lovely wine tasting! They also sell chocolate and olive oil! You will of course have a wonderful companion!!

Sunrise said...

Fuck, sorry DT, hell, that sucks a whole lotta ass. You need to face the decisions that you dont want to, in or out....cause you just wasting opportunity of meeting new peeps or starting a life with current BF. Sux ass, I know what you going through, although changes are only decisions away!

Tay said...

DT, it took me a while to realise the spark was gone in my relationship too.... tough decisions to make... strongs!

DT said...

Sunrise - I know I am getting there...surely there is a limit to how many brick walls I can smash my head into.

Thanks Tay