Wednesday, 15 October 2008

Blackberry Curve 8310 vs. Blackberry Pearl 8110

Pearl Curve

Sadly I am feeling about creative as a can of beans, but I do have a very real dilemma!

The day has arrived. It has been a two year wait. Fortune favours the brave. It is time to move away from good, old, safe as houses- Nokia and experience something a little different!
I tried Samsung for a while, I still feel uneasy remembering how I struggled getting back into the Nokia vibe. Changing my cell phone has climaxed into one of the most important decisions I need to make. I love gadgetry, new inventions, and toys. If somehow a PlayStation found its way into my home, I think I would turn / expand into a very different person!
So now I have made the bold move to turn to Blackberry. The big question is The Pearl or The Curve? I dont need too many fancy things - I just need to love it!
First impression: I would love a phone called The Pearl – it is so sexy. It conjures up images of Pearl necklaces, lace and black velvet. The Curve – well that just sounds like that silly ‘women- only’ gym. Why on earth would you want to go to a gym when there are no men around? Men working hard, lifting weights, doing sit ups, bench presses ….I digress.
High level research findings: There is no 3G on either phone, which is slightly concerning. It looks like The Curve has better GPS functionality. The Pearl also has GPS but it looks like you have to register and pay a monthly amount to access this facility. The Curve is also bigger – with a bigger LCD screen.
I can’t seem to find out which one is newer – that plays a huge factor in the decision. When it comes to choosing a phone for two years – I believe in going large! My phone needs to be the cake, eat the cake and then bake another!

I will continue with the research! What a lovely distraction!



302 said...

get a sony ericsson. understated stylish, niffty and with a battery that does last.

samsung - don't go there - their products are not stress tested

nokia, nostalgic nokia but now those finns just don't care that much anymore

slack berry the black berry, yesterday's pda wrapped up in neon qwerty casing. you don't need email on the go and heaven forbid you need to immediately change that facebook status - if your important enough they'll wait.

get an ericsson - a phone that comes in havanna bronze must be cool.

aren't these the nicest conundrums.

and did the accounts all balnce in the end, the last time my books balanced was when i was 17 but you can always journal.

DT said...

Oh no - 302 you have burst my Blackberry Bubble! It looks so pretty ;-) I don't know anything about ericsson - but I will do the research!

Hell I didn't even reach the balancing bit! Twas an absolute nightmare of an exam - but it is over and I have a sneaky suspicion I will be writing that paper again!!

Rox said...

I have to admit that I am also yearning over Blackberry's... but I only just got my upgrade, so may have to wait a while, lol.

For me as a freelancer who slacks off when I don't have an urgent deadline, email on the go is fairly useful. It's good to not have to worry about being awol if clients need to reach me. It's also good for full-timers though, and even on the personal front it's nice to be able to go away and not worry about not being connected.

That said, just to throw out your day dreams even more, my cousin got the new Nokia Navigator... and hot damn that phone kicks ass. It's got everything from email to GPS, to a good camera and voice sms replay. And it's pretty slick too.

Make a list of everything you want in the phone, then look at your options and weigh up your needs and what you instantly like about the phones.

P.S. This weather is HEAVENLY isn't it?! Sjoe.

blade said...

where is your RSS feed?

blade said...

rss feed?!

Being Brazen said...

The pearl one is prettier...thats the most important thing to me..heehee


Ok, thats not completely true Id also like my future phone to be able to run Fring on it - then i can talk on skype.

DT said...

Hi Rox - Cape town is a different and very beautiful city in the sunshine!! Hope you are enjoying it today!

Hi Blade - I am working on it.

Brazen - I know I am too easily swayed by appearance! That has caused me tremendous trouble in the past!I never thought about Skype. That is a damn good idea, thanks ;-)

redframe said...

But, appearance is everything! That's me, I only want it to be pretty... In haste after a theft, I now have the Motorola U9 pebble in shiny purple... Crappy phone but sooooo pretty, it hypnotises me. Ahem.
Okay, I believe the pearl is the newer version?
Havanna bronze sounds like my cup of tea... Must go check out.
Good luck!

heather said...

the pearl is lovely. i often get compliments on it, of course i accessorize with ridiculous amounts of little phone charms.

but i digress. the pearl is great functionality wise too. not sure what you need GPS for- if it is professional reasons then you probably have a more accurate device. for free, you can install google maps, which plots your location (via triangulation?) and it's quite accurate! and free :)

i'm not at all that important, but i love instant access to emails; being able to draft emails; being able to have multiple applications running, and loads of other lovely things the phone does.

i was amazed the other day, watching my boyfriend using his phone- in the middle of writing a text message, he could not click out to check another application, and have it save the text- the text would disappear. apparently that is normal phone behavior, but i've become to accustomed to the powerful, stable and user friendly OS on the pearl.

i never used a different blackberry phone- but i think i'd stick to the pearl due to the form factor. i also like the proportion of the screen.

good luck in making your decision!

DT said...

Only just got your comments:
I eventually got the Curve! It is not as pretty as I would like - Redframe yours just sounds gorgeous - I love shiny purple!
Thanks Heather - I am really loving the email functionality!