Wednesday, 03 September 2008

Young love turning sour!

She is young. At twenty three she knows cocktails and party’s and is familiar with DJ’s from dingy clubs. She indulges in Crystal meth – a substance I have discovered is far more vicious than any of the evils around at my time! She is spoilt and selfish and is a fan of self promotion. It boggles my mind to think of a girl that age deciding to change her body forever. It boggles my mind, when I think how much my body has changed since I was twenty three. To think that larger breasts will surely bring happiness. I don’t know – I shouldn’t judge – I just don’t get it!
A young girl, wallowing in a pit of contradictions, finding temporary relief in chemicals and self-help books!
I would be inclined to feel sympathy, yet her words have caused great hurt to those I love. She loves to talk; she loves to throw her words around; carelessly.

My Dear,
I believe in Karma and be warned, because when someone humiliates you the same way you humiliated him; I doubt you’ll see it coming. A word of advice; use it / don’t use it: Chill the Fuck out on your empty words. They are no substitute for being a real genuine and sincere person – no matter how dazzling you think your words may be!

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