Tuesday, 02 September 2008

Winter wardrobe malfunction

Sheez I had to dig deep into my wardrobe this morning. I must have tried on every type of ridiculous outfit my tired and cold brain could think up. At some point it occurred to me to even try the long summer dress with thick black stockings and layers of jerseys. No matter how hard I tried accessorising, the look just wouldn’t come together. Okay – I have had enough of winter. I have had my boots repaired twice, I have dry-cleaned my coat three times and wearing so much black is starting to depress me! To go clothes shopping now would just be ridiculous and to be perfectly honest I would have been happier coming to work in my PJ’s!
So I am sitting here looking somewhat like a frigid librarian – the safe choice – a totally sexless collared shirt, generic blazer, and hair in bun, Yawn, boring, boring – no one would ever guess the shit going on inside my head.

YAY Expensive Mistakes and Cheap Thrills recommended my little blog. Ha Ha – murder on the Dance Floor – not quite what I was going for – but hell it’s mine!


Sunrise said...

Awesome for you that your blog is happening, congrats! Now go and splurge on some cool new threads!

DT said...

Welcome back dude - I have missed you!!!

Rox said...

Great news indeed hun, and I totally also hate this in-between weather when it comes to clothes.

On my home days, I often end up wearing my puma pants with sneakers and a hoodie, simply because it's such a shlep trying to decide what to wear, then getting into jeans and bundling up, so just wear the most comfortable thing I find besides pajamas and slouch clothes.

But otherwise when I have to get dressed properly I tend to layer big-time, and I can't function without scarves!

Sunrise said...

Ta DT, been travelling like a marthAfarker without the joys of laptop technology, but getting one today! So I can keep on blogging on...good to be back, chin up!

DT said...

Rox - I must admit I really struggle with scarves. Mine always seem too big, too tatty or just silly looking. The more I buy the more I despair. Maybe next winter I will give it another go!

Sunrise - I hope you will be blogging more about your travels - I am so jealous!

Rox said...

Pashminas make the best scarves - and they can be used as wraps too. I get them cheap and not-so-nasty, and they always end of a bit scruffy but they work somehow.

I've been lusting after a decent coat for the whole winter, but now it's probably too late... but a good coat is the answer for cold days I reckon, you can do anything with that.