Monday, 22 September 2008

a little sideline rant

Who the hell is Velocity Call centre and why have they phoned me twice a day offering me a free cell phone, R1000 worth of PnP vouchers and then Insurance? And why does it sound like they are phoning from the back of a truck? Why is it necessary to explain that they are phoning on behalf of Metropolitan life and Autopage celluar? Is this supposed to offer me comfort? Did autopage receive a nice bundle of money for selling my phone number? When is this bullshit going to end? I hope there is no one stupid enough to fall for this crap – because the minute you say Yes – boom you are recorded and the contract is signed – you then end up with God know’s what! It is terribly unethical – it really needs to end.

Velocity Call Centre - I am afraid your guys are doing a very poor job of sounding even remotely authentic!!


Rox said...

Ugh, I have a major intolerance for call centres - even Teljoy, who I got my TV from and still call me every so often to try and offer me more stuff.

If I start hearing the 'hello is this Miss R Bradnick' shpeel, I will immediately be on alert, if they ask how I am then even more so (but can never not say 'fine and you?' lol), then as soon as they say 'I'm calling from/on behalf of x' then I say 'whatever it is, I'm not interested' and hang up.

The other day there was a minor variation, when I got to the 'I'm not interested' bit, the caller told me I had won R10,000 and asked if I was still not interested. I said that it was very interesting how I had won a competition I hadn't entered, then she hung up.

And that entire convo sounded like she'd called from a bar, plus she was super rude.

Oh well, not much we can do about these people I guess.

Sunrise said...

I dig the one prank call, a guys phones a caller, to ask if the "product" she ordered onlive/on tv/from paper had arrived, the said buyer says, "no the freaking dildo and lubricant has arrived for 4 weeks, when you advertised it would be here in 2 weeks", the Guy phoning said, "Erm, agh, so you didnt recieve the New Convenant Bible pack then...", click - end call...ha ha ha thats the calls I like!

On a serious note that knobs just irritate the Bejeezuz out of me!

po said...

In the UK I get those kinds of cals all the time, where they try to force you to sign up for some "amazing deal" which has all these dodgy small print clauses they don't tell you about. I hate them so much.

DT said...

Rox - I Know the "...and how are you today?" as though they speak to you on a daily basis - just irritates the hell out of me!!
Pity about the R10000 - that would be exceptional!
PO - sadly I believe it is going to intensify over here - so we have a similar lot to deal with!