Thursday, 11 September 2008

Just another night

Well dinner was a flop! I have spent the day feeling foolish at my optimism! Well tomorrow it is Friday so that is good! I intend to end the week with cocktails staring at the sea and figuring out what my next course of action will be! Or maybe it will be inaction...maybe I Will just spend some time in fantasy land!
I am sitting outside, sipping on a martini. The sun is shinning and my hair is behaving. Suddenly the cutest boy with the most amazing smile is kneeling in front of me.
"Hi - I am not sure if you remember me but I am in your yoga class, I have always wanted to talk to you and now here you are! You must let me buy you a drink"
Of course I recognised him - how do you forget such a perfect male body in tight black hot pants- holding the warrior pose like a God of war and pride, of course I recognised the man who had the sign of the Scorpio tattooed on his shoulder-the most beautiful shoulders I have ever seen, and those arms...those touching mine - softly almost shyly.

Dream Dream Dream!


redframe said...

you know what they say about visualisation? hie hie.
i'm sorry that dinner was a flop, but i must confess i do not think your future hapiness lies with that man... keeping looking for the one in the hotpants!
i might 'join' you for the cocktail overlooking the ocean - what a lovely day in cape town FINALLY!

Ches said...

Dreams are good!

Schweet blog DFT...I shall visit regularly! :)

Thanks for adding me to your blogroll...

DT said...

Reframe: If you can dream it...that is precisely what I am hoping for ;-)
I will also be keeping my eyes open for someone similar to Mr hotpants! Although in hindsight a man who wears hot pants would probably be a pretty confident fella, maybe a tad too confident - maybe I need to refine the fantasy man slightly.
Enjoy the cocktail - it is heavenly today in this city!

Ches – thanks for visiting!! Your blog is very enjoyable and you frequently put a smile on my face! Have an awesome weekend!!

Rox said...

Keep that dream in sight, one day you will be sitting with your gorgeous (if not hot pants wearing, then at least hot jeans and vest wearing!) cute boy, having a FABULOUSLY wonderful dinner, and that other guy will be a distant memory. :-)

DT said...

Rox - I can definitly do hot jeans and a vest - especially long legs in hot jeans and a sexy vest over a lovely tanned and toned tummy - mmmnnn - This guy is coming toether nicely!

Rox said...

Hehe, dimples and a killer smile are also important too, don't forget the little details like that! :-)