Tuesday, 09 September 2008

It’s the little things

I am tired today. I need sleep and bedtime is far away,
I am lacking in certain areas

Okaaay. My stuff really needs to get sorted. I have procrastinated the day away and read everything I could type my way into, in-between cigarette breaks. I am tired and along with my severe lack of gusto I am also concerned about the lack of other bits in my life – Like:

1. A Tan
3.A guilt free relationship with SARS
4.Order and perfection in the home environment
5.Patience for the general population and their big ass heavy feet that cannot seem to move as fast as their mouths
8.My side rear view mirror
9.A well stocked fridge with healthy food and good liquor
10.My ability to be easy breezy and smile to all and sundry
11.Sleep – my bed – so far away
12.Budget control
13.Discipline – You are not paid to blog all day women!

This list has just made everything worse – I need some dark chocolate!

I think I may skip the yoga today – I think I might buy myself a bottle of Grouse and necessities. Eat chocolate and spring clean my cupboards! Yes I think that is the solution.

But I have just acquired a lovely word in my in-box

circumlocution \ser-kum-loh-KYOO-shun\ noun
*1 : the use of an unnecessarily large number of words to express an idea
2 : evasion in speech

And there is a mere 72 hours until Friday 14H00


redframe said...

Do you think the constant list-making is a Scorpio thing? I'm severely afflicted by it too... Sometimes it makes me feel better, sometimes it just compounds the issues! Love reading your blog.

DT said...

Hi Redframe!! It just might be a Scorpio thing - our need to find some sort of control over the issues!
Thank you :-)

Rox said...

Awesome list, and awesome word too!

Lists are comforting, they make us feel like we have A Plan. I am a taurus, and also make lists - feeling like I can control the little things makes me feel that perhaps I can manage the big times too.

DT said...

Thanks Rox!
Especially lists that you can look forward to ticking off - (Like #6 & 15) ;-)

Being Brazen said...

I lack a few of those things myself, especially a tan, discipline and budget control...*sigh*

Things can only get better, DT


DT said...

Brazen I hope you are right!