Wednesday, 17 September 2008

Interactions with the office prodigies

"So tell me do the vending machines accept the new R5 coin?”
“Are you sure?”
Three R5 rand coins and ten minutes later, after the empty handed trek back to my desk.
“It didn't take the R5 coins.”
“Oh – because usually what I do is use the coke machine downstairs with my R5 coin then cancel my order and use the change upstairs!”
“Can I quickly use your PC? My laptop is crashing and I need to finish a report in two seconds” “No Problem.”
Proceeds to get up and locks PC.
“I‘ll be back now.”
Returns half an hour later.
“Oh, but I thought when you pushed Ctrl + Alt + Delete, it won’t really lock the PC – does it really lock it? Hey guys? Does it lock it…..?”


Rox said...

Hehehe, just smile and nod - best way to deal with them.

Failing that, slip a laxative into their coffee when they're not looking.

DT said...

Hee Hee-I like it! I have also considered a wee bit of vodka into their coffee - because being colorful will be far more interesting than just plain stupid!!