Friday, 19 September 2008

Dream the impossible dream....lah lah lah

Yay, yay, yay – I am very close to getting out of this rat hole! I shouldn’t be counting any chickens yet, but it is looking good and hopefully at the salary I want and desperately need. I just need to stay calm for a while and keep any yelps, jumps and skips carefully contained within myself! I cannot write anymore- I am at my wit’s end!


Rox said...

*keeps fingers and toes crossed*

Sunrise said...

Hey DT, sorry, i only saw your reply for CT now, hell I had a good w/end, would have digged to hook for a chinwag. Good luck for whatever you got going on!!

DT said...

Thanks Rox - this is flippin' stressful!

Sunrise - Glad you enjoyed yourself - the weather was fantastic here this weekend - and today it finally feels like summer!!