Monday, 29 September 2008

Deliciously new and satisfying

I got the job. Elation, joy and happiness are words not quite big enough to describe the relief. I start in a month therefore it will be a month no one will forget.
Again the skies are grey and the streets are wet, but my there is a wonderful feeling of sunshine and light knowing that my time here has a definitive end!

I am balancing hangover on top of hangover from a weekend celebrating to the max. Grocery shopping on Saturday was definitely the most unsuccessful shopping excursion ever made. In between buying the most ludicrous items one can imagine, I had to have a number of smoke breaks in-between item selection. It was like running a marathon!

There is much to do and many to torment!

I am in the mood for a devilish day!


po said...


redframe said...

Congrats! Change is such a scarily wonderfully challenging catalyst for better things... Yay. 'Enjoy' the last month!

Sunrise said...

DT you biscuit, congrats, pat yourself on the back. To new beginning and beyond!

Anonymous said...

yes well done, the notice month is the best working month, who wouldhave thought resignation could be so much fun.


Rox said...

Awesome news hun!

Hope the rest of the week (make that month) goes smoothly, and that your zen levels stay on the up! :-)

Ches said...

Good luck with your new job devil you!

DT said...

Thanks Po - I needed some good news!
Redframe - I hope you are right lady!

Thanks fellow biscuit ;-)

302 - you are so right - it is amazing the joy you can find in not caring and not having to wear a plastic smile on your face the whole day!

Rox - Thanks lady - for at least one month I think my zen levels will be good!

Thanks so much Ches - it is so awesome to get so many well wishes!

Being Brazen said...