Thursday, 25 September 2008

Braai Day - rained out!
Politics - What fresh hell is this??
Word of the Day:
Voracity \vuh-RASS-uh-tee\ noun
: the quality or state of being ravenous or insatiable.
Most interesting Stats:
33 884,143 - abortions this year (not including abortions due to maternal health risks)(This actually increased to 33 884,730 - since I started on this post)
This site is mind blowing: Worldometers

Really bad night last night! He was horrible and cruel - apparently I got a taste of my own medicine. I wonder does this make him feel vindicated? He knew today was a big day for me - he knows I have been on an emotional rollarcoaster ride the last couple of days - I dont really know him anymore.

I dont want to write this stuff down, I am so tired!


Sunrise said...

Oh crap, you like me...I had a cool day on Wednesday though, surfing etc, although Tuesday night was like a train wreck all in my living room. email me if you want.

redframe said...

oh DT. i wish we could have a long talk and i could convince you to not even speak to him anymore... sorry. that sucks.

DT said...

Thanks Redframe- sorry I only just got your comment! As I am sure you know these things have a way of playing out their course - who knows what's next, I am just certain it wont be easy!