Monday, 01 September 2008

Being back...

Dream sequence:
I arrived home, my car heavy with all my belongings – all I owned or needed in the trunk of my car. He saw me arrive through the window – he watched as I got out the car and began unpacking – maybe he wanted confirmation that I had indeed come home. He held the door open for me as I walked in dragging bags and blankets, shoes and bags of sea shells. He smiled and said ‘Welcome back home baby!”

I called him from the car park – I hadn’t planned on arriving so late and the lights were out – with a horrible pang of regret, It dawned on me that he might be asleep – I wouldn’t be able to get in – eleven at night and no where to sleep. So I called him. He sounded grumpy when he asked me what I meant by: I am home? I asked him to help me with my bags, a while later he sauntered down the stairs, took some bags off my shoulders – made a couple of remarks along the lines of: What the hell do you have in here?”
Eventually the torture was over – my bags lay strewn all over the flat. I poured myself a glass of wine – suddenly feeing very awkward and cold. He smiled and being a man of very few words sighed “Oh Well…” Then he went to bed. I fell asleep / passed out on the couch and woke up at about three in the morning. It was freezing, it was hell. I went to bed and lying beside him I burst into tears. He didn’t wake up.


Sunrise said...

I think Marilyn Munroe once said... They go to bed with my character (XYZ) but they wake up to me. Life would be better lived in fantasy, and I wish that we could re-wind and say exactly what we wanted when we though of it after the fact, and not mumble the stupid utterings that normally come out in exposive/tense/angry situations. I wish I had an inner copywrite, with an explosive dry AK47 wit. Damn reality...we can dream though.

DT said...

"An inner copywrite, with an explosive dry AK47 wit"

Wow that would be brilliant - I could do with a bit of "Wake up to reality silly cow!" - played once in a while in my head! Not quite as poignant but I am too frilly in the head!

Rox said...

I'm a copywriter and I can't even get my thoughts to work properly.

Maybe if I wrote down the responses I wanted to make, but usually they come out wrong and it's never how it should be.