Tuesday, 12 August 2008

Where the hell is my intuition?

I went for an interview yesterday. I had so hoped for freshly painted walls, leather chairs and glass desks, but alas, an old ugly building with it’s stock standard grey and cheesy posters of motivation. The people looked cool; there was a good vibe – younger, a bit more slick than my current environment. I got so stressed in trying to make up my mind after the interview that I had to go home for a gin and tonic! I tried to listen to my inner voice saying , “YES This is it – finally- your dream job!!” I am still stressing – where the hell is this intuition thing that I am supposed to be blessed with…isn’t that supposed to be one of the greatest gifts of being a women? Where the hell is mine – I have searched for it in meditation (attempts), I have read countless books, I have studied and watched people – God knows I have prayed.
I guess it will come down to list making. Pros and cons. Divided into sections of Financial, career development, parking, benefits, technology and bathroom facilities. Where idealism fails – logic must take her place!
I am going on leave tomorrow – for four happy, happy days. Late nights and late mornings!


Anonymous said...

enjoy your leave!

have fun:)

DT said...

Thanks you!! I had a wonderful time - too many cocktails - too much sun!Bliss!