Tuesday, 19 August 2008

Tuesday is a really rubbish day to come back to work

Back at work! Blah.
It was heavenly and now I am back at work.
The weather was gorgeous and now I am back at work.
Every night a different restaurant, a different cocktail – delight in Cape Towns winter specials and now I am back at work.
Walks along the beach, I finished two books and now I am very sadly back at work!

I must get my head right – A major detox is forthcoming. I am feeling very anxious and dark in the aftermath of my indulgence.

Sunrise you are soooo right;
I know now that drinking has a massive effect on me, for days afterwards I feel like a perpetual cloud hangs over me. When I don’t drink, I have huge pep, zest and go around feeling all happy go lucky. When I tear it up, I am shattered for days; I think its time to moderate that shizness...”

So that's what I intend to do - to moderate the shizness ;-)

Right now this job is just not doing it for me.

I have just started reading Ben Elton: Past Mortem
It contains one of the most disturbing sex scenes I have ever read and truly horrific murders. Nothing beats a good old fashioned crime novel with sex and booze! The man is brilliant.


Rox said...

I know that feeling all too well - but sometimes it's worth it to enjoy those carefree boozed up times!

Sounds like your zen is getting better, hope everything else falls into place soon.

As for being back at work, ugh... I am only at an office work twice a week and even that is far too much. :-P

DT said...

Ha Ha - I know - I just think I have had too many carefree days in a short space of time. Yup I think my zen is improving - but being here all day is slowly taking it's toll!