Friday, 08 August 2008

Sunshine, Sushi and Song

I kissed a girl and I liked it – I cannot get that bloody song out of my head!!! It is not the most modest lyrics to be singing while walking through the office. I actually can’t wait to get home and start singing like a mad woman. The repression is killing me!

Friday – yay, yay, yay!

I have no idea what I am going to do – I have so successfully blocked visualising the future that I am incapable of making any kind of plans. I normally panic that one minute will go by unnoticed and under-utilised; but that is the old me: the new me is waiting to see what will unfold. Enjoying the moment – chillin’

Last night I sat at the bar of a very fancy restaurant – all on my ace. At some point I started to feel a bit like a first class hooker, I am either a sad weirdo or I have balls of steel – because it is not the easiest thing to do – eating alone in a posh restaurant! I am however determined to claw back my independence at any cost! Including the cost of over tipping because the bartenders took such good care of me! I loved them last night, like they were my own personal guardian angels!! I had sushi and skipped home – it was good!

Somehow – someway I managed to have a very productive week. I almost managed a handstand in yoga and I avoided spending a fortune at Kauai!

Now If only I could hear that song again…


Rox said...

Good for you hun!

I've only eaten alone once, and it wasn't a smart place at all, but it was still pretty daunting so really salute you.

Hope your Friday feeling lasts the whole weekend and beyond, and remember, you can sing as loud as you like, to anything you like under your breath, so that YOU still know you're singing but the guy next to you doesn't, hehe.

DT said...

Hahaha ;-) Will do!!!

Sunrise said...

Ha ha, Dt, I know what you mean, I went to boho cool joint on my own, and was about to leave, when I saw a friend, as I ordered he left, and I ate and drank on my own, I felt like a super loser! You have to laugh in the face of this, I dont need to be with someone to enjoy a good meal and beer, although social convention tells that we shouldnt be alone. Screw it, I would rather be alone, than in a shit conversation.