Friday, 01 August 2008

Really bad taste

Women are digging deep into their closets this winter. I don’t now what it is, but lately I have witnessed the most atrocious outfits on the streets of Cape Town. I know Spring is around the corner, but that is no excuse for giving up on having style in the final winter moments– A Knee length, leather, burgundy jacket with matching knee length square toe boots in the same colour and then pairing it with a fire engine red hat and matching shirt dress – somehow just screams – I got dressed in the dark and thought this might be a good idea – after all I haven’t worn since 1972???
Another horror: Red velvet slip on boots with matching suede red pants and a brown jacket – yuk – yuk – yuk. Then there is the death by denim craze that seems to be sweeping the office! Scarves have become too big and scruffy or too thin and tablecloth like. Yet some how the men remain chic and dashing…

This weekend is going to be very challenging. I have to put on a smiling face and radiate happiness. I have to watch my words and duck and dive to avoid any hard hitting questions. It is family and they must not worry about me!

I need a drink!


Rox said...

Hehehe, winter anti-fashion seems to be all over the city hey, crazy! I have a pretty arb winter style, usually scarves, jeans, jerseys, cowboy boots or other boots and jackets. Mostly in black and brown actually, for someone who loves pink as much as I do I don't rock it much in winter.

As for the family thing, I think that you can relax a teeny bit and allow them to be there for you without worrying them too much. They will be sad for you, and families always worry when we're down, but they will worry more if they think you're trying to be brave when you need a bit of support.

So have some wine, unwind a bit, and let them give you a bit of comfort, even if it's just talking about things, it will make you feel loads better.

DT said...

Strangely enough Rox - I did enjoy getting it all off my chest!! Sometimes I am too proud for my own good!!
Also I had way too much wine!;-)
I love cowboy boots - but have never had the guts to buy a pair, I think I am too obsessed with heels or being taller or something...

Rox said...

Hehe, mine have a bit of a heel - I struggle to wear flatties and always a sucker for heels.

Sometimes we need to let out the bad zen so that we can let the good zen in, so unburdening isn't always a bad thing. Especially when it's with family and people who support us and love us unconditionally.