Thursday, 21 August 2008

Random Musings

I want more! I want more in life. Is it too late to become a copy writer? Or a dress designer? Now that I am almost 30 – am I no longer regarded as being fresh and full of new ideas? Is it too late to become a lawyer? How hard am I actually prepared to work to better my lot? Should I make a five year plan – Success finally at 35??
I know I can no longer sit on my backside, I also know that this is my chance. I can no longer allow myself to be subdued into thinking that the clogs turn as they should and I am but a babe in the arms of destiny. No. Time for some energy and action.
It can be so frightening!


Rox said...

Sometimes those thoughts can open up a whole new world - and these days it's considered better for CV's to have a lot of skills rather than many years of experience in one place.

So even if you try out a short course in photography or creative writing or art, these skills firstly could open a new door, otherwise they could be used to 'adjust' your current skills.

I started off studying teaching, and would have taken that route had I not realised it wasn't the right way for me, and ended up in Public Relations and then writing... at the end of the day, never say never hun, and follow those dreams!

DT said...

Thanks Rox - I needed the encouragement. I am going to see about doing some kind of course somewhere, I am desperately in need of a creative outlet - something that will hopefully result in a change of career. Now it is just a matter of devising the game plan!