Wednesday, 20 August 2008

Misty Days

Last night, after an intense hour of yoga – where I believe I almost pasted out from the heat and absolute exhaustion – I ate an awfully healthy large bowl of salad and avo. (No salt, no salad dressing – all good) I was sooo chuffed with myself for avoiding the G&T that complements such a salad in such a beautiful way – that I proceeded to indulge in one chocolate biscuit and then another, until the box was finished. This was then followed by a bag of salt and pepper crisps – i.e. a bag of preservatives – I wonder if the G&T would have actually been a healthier option?
Having such a sober evening meant of course that I was wide awake at 4am this morning missing my man terribly! I finished Past Mortem by Ben Elton and unfortunately I found the ending somewhat predictable, it was a bit too Hollywood. I have no idea what I am going to read next!

There was the most amazing mist in the city this morning. I almost don’t want summer to come too quickly, the last couple of days have been so awesome. I am nervous of the arrival of holiday makers and tourists and even more congestion on the roads – but I am looking forward to the sun setting at eight!

After work plans; the ultimate goal: distraction and healthy living.
Yoga. Clean flat. Dinner of corn on the cob with the tiniest pinch of butter and garlic salt, followed by provita’s hummus and cucumber.
TV: nothing – why is Wednesday night the worst TV night??

The most irritating moment: the sound of the dude eating crisps and opening a can of coke first thing in the morning – like even before I have even had my first cup of tea. I really don’t like to hear people chewing and slurping: Yuk! Good grief what a classy joint!


Sunrise said...

why do you think all rock stars a skinny, cause they drink themselves stupid, go on, have you G&T, just enjoy the balance of life...

DT said...

Ta - I think I going home to have one right now!!!
Cheers ;-)

Rox said...

Hahaha, hun I had such a smile at your post...

This evening I had a really intense run, and then felt super good for having a salad (trying to cut out carbs at night) and haven't had wine in a while... then just now the lure of my bloody chocolate tequila ice cream got a bit much, so ended up having a bit, lol.

The way I see it though, firstly as Sunrise says, have a drink and chill, and also, even if we burn off calories and then add them again, it's still stabilizing them.

I often find that when I am trying not to indulge in something, I end up wanting it much more than I would if I could have had it easily.

Hope your kak TV Wednesday was a good one, and at least there's Prison Break and Chick Flick Thursday to look forward to tomorrow. :-)