Wednesday, 23 July 2008

one foot at a time

Well the first night is over. It was intense packing up, I felt almost robotic in dragging everything but the kitchen sink into my car. Last night my three saviours of sanity were: The Tudors, (I love the imagery in this programme – it is so damn sexy! However, Anne has a weird twitch thing she does with her mouth, I cant stop wondering if she is trying a bit too hard to do like a sexy ‘sneer’) whisky and the loud thunderous sea.

I woke up this morning feeling very misplaced and terrified. I have had a day of wanting to crouch down on my knees and just howl and some singular moments of intense productivity. The very worst feeling is looking forward to speaking to him and telling about what I have been doing! Those conversations, the daily phone call. I keep forgetting.

Tonight I am reading and having a five hour bath.

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