Friday, 04 July 2008

Post # 69

Well feeling totally deflated and drained I decided to take a couple of days sick leave. It was wonderful. We had breakfast every morning drank wine every night, spent some time looking at houses – we might have found the one! It is a lovely little home with gorgeous views of False Bay – it has a wonderful holiday home feeling!
I hate being back here – I have sat and stared at my computer the whole morning saying very little to anyone – I am not interested in trivial chit chat right now!

When I think of all the glorious things I could be doing right now - well actually thinking about lying on the couch with a book and a beer is pretty much the be all and end all of my limited fantasy right now! Not exactly shooting for the moon.

I may adjust my attitude next week…

These are soo funny

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Sunrise Chip n' Cheez said...

Hey DT, chin up there, if thats what you need to be you and 'appy, then leave, take off 3 months (a sabbatical), work will understand. You only live once, dont fuck around, perspective is sometimes needed by taking the time to appreciate...good luck.