Wednesday, 09 July 2008

So damn cold!

I have really had quite enough of today. I am feeling restless and irritated. I constantly feel as though I am in a state of waiting. These grey skies are not helping, my toes are permanently cold and suddenly the attraction of the rain, wearing boots and scarves has diminished. Grey, grey and more grey. It doesn’t help that my entire winter wardrobe seems to consist of black items.
I have an exciting long weekend to plan for – hopefully I can inspire some life into my man so we can wake up on Monday morning in a gorgeous hotel overlooking the sea. I am longing for some sea air and some luxury. The winter specials are incredible here. For one night you can pretend to be a millionaire at half the price.

Even this entry is starting to seem quite grey – Come on sunshine – enough is enough!

"There is nothing here
except the constant, looping clicks and caws
of birds, lost in trees erased by white.
My sight condensed
by each fresh, foggy breath,
a hanging depth
my head sinks through.
Nothing here
but mulching steps,
the soft snap of twigs long soaking,
the sticky sound
of car tire on wet road.

I am drenched
by a sudden gang-up of water,
a brief yawn of thunder far away.
There is nothing here
and I am all wet."
- John Goss, Fog

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