Thursday, 17 July 2008

Simple Mind

Okay it’s a bit late but: What fantastic game! I was almost in tears! good grief – if someone would have told me five years ago I would almost be in tears because of a rugby game – I would have told them to stop smoking their socks! What a great game right up to the final minute!

Last weekend was awesome – we woke up in Camps Bay with the most unbelievable view! It was hot and gorgeous – I even managed a bit of sun tanning! Camps Bay is everything gorgeous, upmarket, classy and rich - the snob in me got quite a thrill having a cocktail at Paranga and watching the sun set.

We had dinner at the Codfather – where we were totally fleeced – fine it is Camps bay – it is as pretentious as all hell – but regardless – being fleeced is being fleeced – “For our first timers we strongly recommend the fish platter" – How unbelievably stupid of us – over R700 and we brought our own wine!

I wish I was there now!

The good, the bad and the ugly:
Good: New job prospect – slight glimmer of hope…
The bad: Nothing is happening… …and I am writing too few posts – soon it will be a blog about celebrating Fridays!
The ugly: Had an inspector check the house before we put in an offer – the damn house is rotten to the core – built below the flood line, with illegal drainage and a precarious box gutter – we would have to live with damp for the rest of our lives!!
Another dream blown to smithereens!

Must chug on...

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