Thursday, 31 July 2008

One glass too many!

It’s raining again. The city is toying with us –today is a reminder that winter still has us in its clutches. Oh well the gentle reprieve was appreciated. The wind was so hectic this morning I could barely open my car door.

Had a very amusing evening last night in the Southern Suburbs – R50 for one glass of wine!!! Holy shit these people are being robbed!! Met a lovely chap from New York who did all he could to defend the American Tourist. I actually had the cheek to ask him why all Americans talk so loud, to which he pleasantly answered “Because it is very loud in New York!” Hmmm – Interesting.

I would love to go to New York. Just for a weekend. Just to get a feel of the place. But only after I have seen Italy, Paris, Thailand, Greece, Ireland…..

Well I had one too many glasses of wine – it is time to nurse my hangover with coffee and food! Then get some real work done!

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