Thursday, 10 July 2008

Money - again

Stretching finances – two days to go…

Wearing one day contact lenses for a week.
Charging cell phone and camera at work.
Staying away from all shopping centres – actually anywhere with a till.
Staying inside the car at the petrol station (pretty much same point as above).
Refusing to tip Car guards unless they perform some kind of function which improves my life and parking experience.
Sample bottles of Clarins face products.
Collecting and keeping unused packets of tomato sauce from take-aways.
Creating dinner from whatever is in the cupboard – a tin of mussles and stale provita’s / A tin of beans and stale provita’s / Tomato sauce and two minute noodles.
Not exceeding speed limit of 120km’s – I am not entirely sure but I think this saves on gas.
Just don’t drive anywhere unless it is absolutely necessary and keep the windows closed.
Taking home tea bags from work.
Only having one light switched on at night – which is so easy in our minuscule cell – maybe I should change that to: Using only one candle at night.

These are dark times indeed!

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