Tuesday, 29 July 2008

Ice - cream smiles

I woke up this morning to an orange sunset and then the most beautiful sunny day unfolded!
I am really and truly blessed with some amazing people in my life and the place I am staying is just heavenly! I didn’t realise how effected I am by my surroundings. I have never felt so right and at peace with the world like I felt yesterday after work, standing on the beach with an ice cream watching the sun set. Feeling awestruck at the pleasure of simply walking along the beach. This is where I need to live – this is how I need to live! Or maybe it’s just what I need right now!

I followed the ice cream with a facial and was consequentially robbed blind by spending over two thousand rand on facial products! I never saw it bill coming!

This weekend was full of wine, sitting on a delightful bench on the beach and reading Eat, Pray , Love for the second time (although I am getting slightly resentful of Miss Elizabeth Gilbert’s fortunate means of being able to stay in the most beautiful affluent part of Rome, take Italian lessons and a year of travelling, Of course she finally found happiness and love – who wouldn’t given the opportunity)

I had an interesting time at the Waterfront, being questioned quite earnestly by a young waiter as to why was I eating alone and not married (THANKS DUDE!)

And lot’s and lot’s of yoga. An hour of not thinking about anything but how to get my body to gracefully contort itself into the plough posture. This lady has a better way of putting it:

“Then there are those moments that make it all worthwhile. I’m carried on my breath like a leaf on the wind: folding, arching, twisting, bending, leaping lightly from one posture to the next. My body tingles with energy; my mind is quietly absorbed in the hypnotic rhythm of practice. The poses seem strung on the breath like prayer beads on a mala; I enter each one to the best of my ability, savoring the silky stretches, the pleasurable ache of muscles taxed to their edge."

Anne Cushman, Yoga Journal, January/February 1995


Rox said...

Sounds like your zen had a bit of a boost, amazing how such simple things like light and sun and of course ice-cream can calm us hey.

That's the way I see zen and happiness - it's learning to take in those moments, despite all the other kak in the background, and being able to smile through it all.

Hope this week is a good one hun! :-)

DT said...

:-) Definitely a zen boost! If I could only win a million now...

Rox said...

Sheesh ja, anything to not have to do any work!

Feeling so lazy this week, probably because I have so much to do and deadlines looking over me.

Sigh... I need ice-cream!