Monday, 21 July 2008

How to grow a man from seed

I woke this morning – with one thought – I need an overhaul!

Monday – the one constant and reliable aspect about life is Mondays inevitably always comes around again. It reminds you of the life you are now living, the fact that you have to go to work to pay bills and if you don’t enjoy your job that you are solely responsible for 80% of your life being miserable! (In my boredom I actually calculated that if you work 10 hours a day, Monday to Friday (including traffic as so on) and if you are wake at 7am and in bed by 10pm over a four week period – you are actually working 48% of your awake time! It is far less than I previously imagined – a tiny pin prick of light in this otherwise dark and cold Monday pit of hell)

Highlight of this weekend was watching a young Nicholas Cage (As Sailor) in one of best movie scenes ever!
“This snakeskin jacket symbolizes my individuality and belief in personal freedom."
Unfortunately I feel asleep soon after – I don’t actually think I have ever seen the end of this movie, after watching it for like the sixth time! David Lynch is unbelievable – a definite contender for one of my guests at the ideal dinner party –although I am sure his conversation is tantamount to ingesting large amounts of acid!
I have just done some reading of Mr Lynch on the ever fantastic Wikipedia and finally my face cracked into the first smile of the day:
Some interesting facts:
-His first short film Six Men Getting Sick (1966), which he described as "57 seconds of growth and fire, and three seconds of vomit."
-He won a $5,000 grant from the American Film Institute to produce The Grandmother, about a neglected boy who “grows” a grandmother from a seed.

Consequentially I am thinking about the growing procedure required for growing a man from seed – like what would the instructions be on the seed packet? How deeply would you plant your seed? I would imagine there would be a significant amount of pruning involved and dead-heading. Would you plant your seed in the full sun?

For a Man who is sensitive and nurturing – water often and protect the soil by using mulch in the winter months.
For a Man with a good sense of humour, feed regularly with organic compost and superphosphate.
For a good looking plant, plant seed in full sun and inhibit weed growth.

Thank God for Bizarre people!

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