Thursday, 17 July 2008

7 Interesting facts about me

I got tagged by Roxilla to give 7 interesting facts about me - it is my first tag - I will try my best:
1. I haven't stopped studying since high school. I got a BA degree, tried for two years to get an honours in Psychology and English - decided it wasn't for me and have since being trying to obtain a BCOM.
2. I used to have a thing for piercings - I had my nose, lip, eyebrow, belly button and tongue pierced - I still have the scars which I hope to get rid of some day!
3. I used to have a boyfriend who cheated on me endlessly and I never broke up with him until I decided I had enough - I stayed with him for almost six years.
4. My first real job was working as a rep selling whiskey.
5. I was once told I was a 'dummie' when it came to High School maths and now I compile statistical reports for a living.
6. I own a pair of thigh high stiletto boots, two long pvc dresses covered with buckles, a green and purple wig, a vast number of corsets and three dog collars - one with spikes - I pray for the day I am invited to a fancy dress party!
7. I have always had a suspicion that I am slightly dyslexic.

Okay Sunrise- your turn!


Roxanne said...

Yay - thanks hun, was starting to think no one wanted to play along!

P.S. I also own some pretty bizare clothing items, such as a fake fur black and white spotty jacket and a navy jacket, just having them is great, but like you said, you never know when you'll need a great outfit! :-)

Sunrise said...

Fuck sakes, your sex life must be fab with all those spikes! I must see what skeletons I have in my closet...

DT said...
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DT said...

LOL - thanks Sunrise my face has turned an beautiful shade of red! But yes I do have some exciting tricks up my sleeve / or boots!!

Sunrise said...
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Being Brazen said...

Glad you kicked that cheater to the curb, even it took you a while to do it. Sounds like you have a very interesting closet..ha ha ha. Very amusing post.

DT said...

Thanks Brazen (I think!)My closet is definitely interesting and rather overcrowded!
Young and silly - eyes tightly shut and in love with the idea of being in love - I think most girls go through that at least once in their lifetime!