Monday, 02 June 2008

"Mondays are the potholes in the road of life."Tom Wilson

Just another Monday! Back at work, back in the routine. It is good! Had lunch at Riboville Restaurant today, It was beautiful, classy and elegant. Salmon roses on a Monday afternoon – Bliss. Add to that a glass of fat Bastard Chardonnay and for a moment I am happy!

The weekend went by too fast – I can’t easily recall what I did the entire time! Saturday was productive – looked at more houses – Found the diamond of all homes, only it seem we cannot afford it (or rather I have a man who doesn’t like spending money – that seems cruel, but I cant think of a more PC way of saying it right now!)
I did a lot of furniture rearranging and cleaning – I am trying to Feng Shui things up a bit. I made a lovely meal last night and did all I could to conjure up some romance between the two of us – as usual he was happy with the meal and the house but didn’t quite connect the dots, so I kissed a blank vacant face goodnight. As usual appreciation was a no show! I even tried walking around half naked for a while! But the eyes remained glazed and glued to the television. Is this really my life?? I multitask, scheme, write lists, fantasize, rearrange furniture, shave my bloody legs in winter, and use my most desirable creams and magic potions. I have done everything short of buying a cauldron and boiling a frog and this man just doesn’t click! (Or just doesn’t care) He is so switched off half the time! I really, really wish I could go away, leave him for a while, I really wish he would stop taking me for granted!

Oh well, I am not even depressed about it anymore – life goes on and maybe one day he will wake up – or maybe one day I will!

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