Wednesday, 04 June 2008

Lovely Rain

I am walking on clouds today! I love not having anyone around to tell me what to do-I feel liberated, I don’t think I can work for a Manager again. I am feeling productive and motivated! At the moment I am also having a love affair with this city! Walking on the streets in my new black coat and boots, the grey rain, the amazing old buildings and smells of freshly baked muffins and large paper cups of coffee – it is all so invigorating! I am not even going to think about the misery at home today! Today is all about me and this city!

Speaking of sexy cities - I watched Sex and the City – it was horribly disappointing, way too few sex scenes, not half enough vulgarity and way too soppy! Even Mr Big lost his bad boy appeal. He was more a like a weak ass, love- struck chop!
The clothes were lovely – the ending was kind of reminiscent of what I loved in the series – the love letters bit was really weak! The whole plot was something really close to home; I wish it was it little more intelligent! I even shed a tear when he proposed to her! Sometimes I can’t believe what a girly girl I have turned out to be!!

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