Tuesday, 03 June 2008

The Happiest Days of our Lives

Today I have emailed a love letter, applied for a promotion and am now chasing a deadline! With a bag of yogurt covered nuts and a cup of Green Tea sitting on my desk I am suddenly wondering how did I get here??
I have been listening to Pink Floyd (Echoes) and it has put me into one really weird mood!
It is hard waking up in the dark; it is hard having so many wishes at the start of each morning, they seem to float above my head all day! I wish I had a new car, I wish I had an awesome black suit to wear with patent leather red heels; I wish I had my own office with a large leather chair and a huge pot plant. I wish that instead of these horrible florescent lights we could have lamps on our desk!
Then the big wishes – the intense wishes – the ones where you close your eyes and squeeze your fists tightly, nails cutting into your skill – the wishes you will to come true! The diamond of a house, with its gorgeous view of False Bay and the wooden floors, with its sunken lounge and beautiful garden bathed in sunlight. With it’s grape vines and lavender bushes! And then the big one – wishes of a diamond on my hand, tears running down my face and happiness ever after!

When he told me he loved big skies – I thought he was a dreamer – when he told me he loved Sisters of Mercy I thought he was a romantic! So many assumptions...

I need vodka!!

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