Thursday, 19 June 2008


My God I am tired! I feel like hell - am I getting the dreaded flu? Mind you I wouldn’t mind a couple of days in bed. Sleep - that would be heavenly right now!
I seem to have touch with the world right now. After a couple of days in Joburg I have forgotten my routine. This may be a good thing, an opportunity to forge ahead with some delightful new and exciting ways to live! Rah, rah, rah – the mind is wiling, the body not quite…

I know that to move ahead conversations need to happen and conclusions need to be reached, or at the very least mutual understanding. Acceptance would be wonderful and an expressed willingness or determination would have me floating on moonbeams. I feel constant tugs of hope and then despair at every turn. Conversations need to happen. There has been an almost happy lull of civility over the last two days, I know we would both like to continue this, just for the sake of a bit of normality – a rest – a holiday from the mayhem, but it cant last!

Oh well, right now I have to get through today and to help me along a couple of exciting possibilities or considerations. (A list of sunshine on a rainy day in a manner of speaking)

A tattoo – the time has arrived. There are only two decisions to make. Where and what? It must be beautiful and strong and represent the person I am right now!
Giving up smoking – Medication will be my method. Just need to set the bloody date.
My next big purchase. A GPS thingie. I can’t wait to be told what to do by a mechanical voice.
Lazer Eye surgery – the amount of money I am paying for contact lenses is a crime. Must do the research.
Learn to play Golf. I think it might be fun.
On-line shopping. I think this is going to be great and prevent me from spending my entire salary before I even hit the grocery section.


Roxanne said...

Ugh, I hate that state of tiredness bigtime!

You're spot on to focus on exciting new things ahead though, I do that too and it works a charm. Awesome news on the impending tattoo - I am still pondering # 7, lol.

DT said...

Thanks Rox - I have no bloody idea what I am going to get, but I have 4 months to think about it!!