Wednesday, 23 April 2008

So long Mister

My boss resigned today. It was quite a blow. It’s amazing how quickly you manage to develop a relationship with someone. You learn a dance, a way to manoeuvre around each other’s characteristics. You learn to adapt to their moods. A good manager is one you don’t want to disappoint. He was good. I am aware of the possibilities that may now exist for me, however I am also acutely aware of the likelihood of these possibilities not materialising and that will be awful.
Change is good. Embracing change is even better, but it’s never that simple. I am not happy with the current status quo of my existing position. I feel redundant in my career. To carry on, only with a newer big cheese…is not I am afraid an option!
I suppose all there is to do is wait and see…

Franschhoek was spectacular! The first restaurant was all about art on a plate! The most beautiful plates of food I have ever seen, Le Bon Vivant. We drank a bottle of Graham Beck Brut and had a gorgeous plate of different types of chocolate for dessert.
The next day after breakfast, we walked up and down the streets. The shops are just beautiful and unique and elegant. I spent too much money on buying gorgeous little chocolate truffles. We had more sparking for lunch and then went to Graham Beck for a tasting. The tasting room was slick, glass, metal, mirrors and chandeliers. The wine was sadly somewhat flat!

Sundowners at Dieu Donne Vineyards. Breathtaking to say the least. The Interior was something quite spectacular with larger than life windows displaying one of the most beautiful sunset’s I have ever been blessed with witnessing!

The evening ended at Bouillabaisse. I am just too poor with words to describe the evening. The food, the décor, the service, the champagne and oysters, the music. The Bouillabaisse itself was exceptional!

It was a fantastic, hedonistic and memorable day in Franschhoek and I can’t wait to go back!!!

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