Thursday, 24 April 2008

Fine tuning

I think there is a problem when you ignore the big E word for most of your adult life, then all of a sudden you find a way to embrace exercise. Suddenly I find it unthinkable that you can actually overdo it – such is the life of an extremist – I never know when enough is enough! Today I feel stretched and pulled and twisted and exhausted and yet today I am going back for more! It beats sitting in the traffic for an hour and my stomach is just not quite were I would like it to be. I am sure I am also defeating all the goodness of my yoga by eating utter crap the whole live long day – but my hunger is suddenly relentless! Actually hunger, thirst, desire…everything seems to be crying out for immediate satisfaction!
All attempts at organisation have gone out the window and now all I can focus on is the shower after yoga, maybe a glass of wine and Desperate Housewives!
Tomorrow is Friday!!

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