Wednesday, 09 April 2008

A new person

Finally I slept. Deeply, dreamless and deliciously cottoned in my crisp white sheets. I have been deprived for so long! Unfortunately I overslept so the feeling of contentment didn't last much after my first glace at the illuminous green time. The drive to work work was a bit of a blur, I know I was in a heightened state of concentration, speed, dodging, swerving, lighting cigarettes and applying mascara...Shocking I know!

Anyway my mood returned after making it to work in record breaking time, unfortunately this was shattered by the most nauseating, irritating, useless time wasting meeting that some morons insist on having on a daily basis! Meetings - what the hell is the point, send a damn email!

The sun is shining and Cape Town is beautiful and crisp this morning!

Something good needs to happen, I need a change!

Consistency is the last refuge of the unimaginative.
Oscar Wilde


Louisa said...

And?...was it as good as you hoped for?

DT said...

Hi Louisa, I am afraid not, yesterday went by in a blur, I did however end the day with a glass of wine watching the sunset! Today is another day...;-)