Monday, 10 March 2008

Monday Blah Blah

I feel decidedly blah this morning! Completely uninspired. Of course it is a Monday and I didn’t accomplish any one of my goals this weekend, apart from consuming a rather disappointing bottle Pinot Noir. I rearranged the flat to create a friendlier studying environment and a more live able guest room for my parents visit. I had a break down on Saturday night and found myself sitting alone at a restaurant drowning in tourists. There I sat in my long white dress – feeling like the most wretched lady on the planet. A Jagermeister later and I was at home head banging to Nick Cave.

I have a huge amount of work to get through today; I am reluctant to even open the file. Last night’s movie ‘The Last King of Scotland’ resulted in a heated debate with my man on the future of this country under Zuma. He is hopeful, I am terrified! The violence, the awful bloody crime it has just got too much, it is everywhere. Reading the newspapers – David Bullard has just had enough, I understand. Then the phone rings, my brother’s friend had a show day to sell their house. The bastards came in and stole their laptop. (“It could have been worse” our new National Anthem) Then this movie – Deep, dark, bloody and depressing.

Anyway the man is hopeful; he thinks JZ will save the day! He believes our present chaos is a result of the Mbeki and his cronies! Makes sense…what do I know…what does anyone know for certain, how do you separate what you know from what you have been brainwashed to believe.

Best I get on with it.

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