Friday, 07 March 2008

It is Friday – anything is possible!

My day started with a double shot large Italian Cappuccino. A treat to accomplishing a week of early nights sleep, good Thai food, body enhancing yoga (I already feel stronger and lighter and strangely enough taller!) and seven out of eleven items crossed of my to do list at work! Suddenly I feel so very Cape Tonian! The Woolworths Coffee shop is frequented by such beautiful people. Delicious looking men in dark suits, attractive tall women in flowing dresses – This morning I love the City and the large organic coffee that comes with it!

It is just a pity about the slow witted, juvenile cemented feet that I have to work with! I think the greatest shame in life MUST be born without any hint of charisma whatsoever- to have a personality as exciting as skim milk. As hard as I try to evoke some hint of enthusiasm as much as I try to promote an awareness of possibilities - I am greeted with blank faces, downward cast eyes of disapproval – suspicion – “Please don’t change our world, it is the only world we have ever known, we are safe in the monotony!” BLAH Congratulations to the machine for creating such loyal followers!

It is Friday – I am wearing red – I am determined to take control – I am determined to go home drink a bottle of Pinot Noir and listen to Led Zeppelin. I need to start studying, I have brought more stationary than even I could possibly need – the text books are new and unopened and assignment deadlines are looming.

I know it is possibly sad that I am looking forward to a weekend alone and studying – but I am – Right now I am a content freak!

It is absurd to divide people into good and bad. People are either charming or tedious.”
Oscar Wilde

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