Wednesday, 26 March 2008

Easter Weekend

It was a lovely week. I raced to the airport after work on Wednesday, it was with great joy that I greeted my parents, the weather was lovely and there was a great amount of excitement about how easy the trip was from Lanseria to CT. After the home inspection and a couple of whiskies we headed to Moyo at Spier – I knew they would love it. The face painting, the dancing, the bonfires and the countless number of Japanese tourists clicking away. My God it was expensive and the food was bloody inedible. Awful chunks of meet, burnt on the outside and cold on the inside. But at least there was wine, and a lovely atmosphere. My Dad’s Scottish accent went a long way to ensure hospitable service!
The next day we went to Hudson’s for a fantastic breakfast with the most amazing scenery and gardens. I was greedy, opting for a huge plate of eggs and bacon and loads of homemade, gorgeously sinful bread. Then Ernie Els winery was blessed with our presence and my favourite tasting room high in the mountains- Uva Mira. It was hot the sun was shining, the wine was fantastic! That night it was Sushi, followed by drinks at the Farm.
The next day was a mad panic to go shopping, pack a picnic, pack ice and wine and head to the beach, in all my hard headed determination to find the perfect beach I kept driving, pasted Gordon’s Bay, kept driving until Pringle Bay, 30km’s away – my Dad was not impressed, of course he is a make hay while the sun shines kind of man, so shopping packing and driving for an hour was an incredibly stupid thing to do on such a lovely day. Pringle Bay ended up being lovely and deserted with its white sand and wild waves. We had a lovely sheltered spot among the dunes. The drive home was beautiful; we stopped at Berties for G&T’s and chips and watched the sun set. What a lovely, lazy day. I love coming home with beach sand on my feet!
Saturday was all EastEnders and the height of laziness. Sunday was the big Easter lunch with cousins, children and the big Easter egg hunt. – We Drank JC Le Roux Scintilla which was amazing and ended with Vin De Constance. The duck march was a big hit with the kids and adults alike. A fabulous boozy lunch!

Monday was another a beach day unfortunately not too pleasant as the wind was relentless and brutal. Sand in the hair, sand on the chicken wings and sand in our glasses. The drive home was a disaster; I behaved terribly by loosing my temper and driving like a fool, all because my Dad and I argued over the directions home. That evening was a classy dinner at Taste with my man – finally spending time with us.
Yesterday we had lunch at Bodega, a chocolate and wine tasting at Waterford. This time yesterday I was eating home made chicken liver and drinking Chenin Blanc overlooking the Helderburg. How fucking depressing is that??

I do love my parents, even when my Dad and I are butting heads at every available opportunity; I so love them and respect them. They are such good people. I am always consumed by guilt because I don’t make them as happy as I should, because I tend to be selfish. But mostly I feel guilty because I am living a life they dont’t want me to live, I am living a life I had always promised myself I wouldn’t live. I am guilty because they have always been proud of my intellect and now I seem to be doing something stupid. I am guilty and remorseful because the man that is supposed to become their son-in–law doesn’t treat them with the respect and admiration they deserve, because he finds it impossible to swallow some of his pride and give a little, open up and speak honestly. He couldn’t see pasted his obstinacy to just offer some words of reassurance. Because of this man I have failed in the life that my parents have always wanted for me. I am so dreading going home to an empty flat tonight. No more sounds of coffee making and Sky News. No more miraculous disappearance of dirty dishes, no more smells of the most unbelievable food on the stove, somehow made with all the odd bits of ingredients I have all over the place! I just want to sit on my couch and weep! I am a complete waste of time today.

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