Wednesday, 12 March 2008

Behind the wheel

R600 for a battery. Last month it was R1200 for a new radiator. My poor old car, her days are dwindling. I did however score a free credit card size calendar; you can never have enough of those! This morning some arsehole tried to drive me off the road. It was a vengeful taxi driver who hated the fact that I pulled in front of him as the bus lane finished. He actually tried to push me off the road at hospital bend, his engine sounded like it was pulling from every available resource and not enjoying the party. He then made a point of driving in front of me, gaining speed then hitting his breaks. What a miserable bloody bastard. I am sure he started his day feeling like some great royal prick! I wrote down his license plate number in case I actually got injured by the stupid, low class, psycho, macho (behind the wheel) man.
I also got stuck right in the middle of a march about Palestine on my way back from purchasing my battery – the most unsatisfying ‘retail’ purchase since the radiator!

Today has been long, I am glad it is Thursday tomorrow and I am glad I have sweet bugger all nothing to do tonight!

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