Wednesday, 13 February 2008

Emily Williams – A heart wrenching tragedy

I can just imagine the bustle in the house, alarm clocks going off, tunics and blazers been thrown on, the excited chatter, maybe some arguments. A 12 year girl in her school uniform, homework packed, lunch packed, books packed, getting into her Mom’s car, wondering what will happen today in school…I am so sorry.

I am so heartbroken about the loss of this young little lady. My tears of sympathy are nothing compared to what her Mother, Father and sister are going to be dealing with for the rest of their lives.
There can be no reason for this, there is nothing to understand. Comprehension is impossible.
I can remember being 12; I still have my journal entries. Life was so exciting; every day at school was thrilling. You have your friends, you start becoming obsessed with boys, and your teachers are larger than life. When I was 12, Mandela was being released from prison. Everything was uncertain. People feared the unknown. That was the time of bomb threats, huddled on the school field – loving the distraction. Because at 12 the country’s political climate is nowhere close to your list of priorities and events of high significance. I think I wrote two lines about Mandela, the Yes vote and a vague reference to not wanting to leave the country because I had made so many new friends!

Why? Why now? Why an innocent girl on her way too school. Are our policing systems such a joke – is robbing us and killing us so damn easy that you commit your crimes in the daylight. When normal working class people get up, kids get dressed for school; we have breakfast, then sit in the traffic and work for nine hours. At this time, you are taking everything away from us, our belongings we work so hard for, the lives you take, and you rob our country of the lives that will potentially make this country proud and healthy and free. You fuckers, you fucking criminal, murdering bastards!

Emily Williams I am so sorry for all the things that were so important to you, I am so sorry your 12 year old dreams will never be fulfilled. I am so sorry your Mom and Dad will never be the same, I am so sorry your sister will be haunted by what she saw. I am so sorry for the dark cloud of anger, confusion and absolute devastation that will cloak your lovely young family.

I am so sorry Emily.

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